Peshwari Naan
A sweet naan full of flavour

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Peshwari Naan

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Adjust Servings:
6 tablespoons coconut (desiccated)
3 tablespoons Raisins or Saltanas
6 tablespoons Almonds or Pistachios
2 teaspoons Sugar
8 portions Naan dough
1 tablespoon Ghee (Butter) for brushing
100ml (6 tablespoons) (optional) Condensed Milk to turn into a paste

A sweet naan full of flavour with raisins/sultanas, pistachios/almonds and desiccated coconut

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My simple to make condensed milk peshwari naan recipe can be made in advance then pressed into my fluffy naan recipe dough balls before rolling out and freshly cooking.

The naan in the left of this picture uses my peshwari naan dry mix whilst the naan on the bottom right uses my peshwari naan paste

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Blend the dessicated coconut, raisins/sultanas, almonds/pistachios and sugar until it becomes crumbs the size of sand. Some people like to leave the raisins (or sultanas) out of this stage as they prefer them whole in the finished naan


If required you can add condensed milk to the mix to make it into more of a paste.

I leave the mix dry as I love to coat my naan in my brown butter ghee then cover in this peshwari mix but if you want to add it to the centre of the naan like restaurants do the paste should be a very thick ix so as to not lead to a soggy naan


Take 1 ball of naan dough (

Flatten it with the palm of your hand and cover with 1/8 of the mixture. If you've left the sultanas out sprinkle 1/8 of those on the naan dough now.

Slowly grab the edge of the naan and fold into the middle, keep moving around the naan like a clock doing the same to envelope the peshwari filling

Alternatively you may wish to simply press your thumb into the centre of the naan dough ball, place the filling in then push shut


Roll out flat, sprinkle water to the bottom and cook in a pan or tawa.

Finish with a brush of my home made butter ghee (


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